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Let's make FIFA Items cheaper

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von wendy | 348 Beiträge

So let's make FIFA Items cheaper? Or reward more dollars for winning matches, right? Wrong. Printing more money simply devalues and destabilises further what's already within the economy so neither tend to be viable options. But what I do need to get back to if I might, is the perception involving value in FUT and how maybe it's better.

For me, rewards from packs along with being luck based (which they should be) also should be FIFA 17 Coins PS3 skill and achievement structured. PES's My Club, may be light a long time behind FUT on many fronts, but one thing it does assist you to do is stack several 'Agents' which marginally improve your pack luck odds. You're still dancing using the devil but at least the chances are nudged slightly inside your favour.

So to put that in a very FUT context, say you get promoted in Seasons since the unbeaten Division Champion, you could as a bonus earn yourself a 2X chance token to be redeemed against one pack of one's choice? You did your bit and played the sport the way it must be played and FUT purely rewarded that performance having a small pat on the back. It's not a guarantee you will get someone amazing, but it's something, and maybe that's plenty of.

Perhaps you could stack multiple 2X chance bridal party, to increase the effect further and possibly FUT could even possess some more compelling long term objectives which yield even greater rewards? Nobody wants 99 Ronaldo handed for them on a plate, they just want to think that the games mechanics usually are not actively conspiring to supply to them a negative experience.

I actually believe very strongly that no FIFA gamer would like to illegally buy coins, I mean why might they? They only do so given that they feel the games individual systems don't serve them adequately when it comes to value and reward. But conversely my view is which it wouldn't take much through EA to shift of which perception with only tweaks for the existing formula.

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