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coordination However wood flooring

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and soft adornment is a kind of technique, some people like metaphor, some people like hyperbole, although different but each has his strong point.6. Soft outfit of cloth art furniture and cloth art furniture as the basic point in soft outfit, reflect the overall color,

style bedroom coordination.However, the best line should be a decoration in the soft outfit and accessories.Arrangement and collocation need stylist has extremely high aesthetic taste and artistic appeal, not simply for some jewelry display, and should be considered in the beginning of the design to the existence of a single important act the role ofing is tasted,

in color, lighting and the echo.7. Soft outfit levels of higher level in the soft outfit is a personal collection.Put a few valuable collections in the bedroom, such as painting, sculpture, antiques, can reflect habitant grade and appeal more.Such as hang the adornment picture, if possible, should choose some painters of the original painting.Original painting work as an artist,
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