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The final patch intended for Warcraft of Draenor

in Website 30.11.2015 04:07
von wendy | 348 Beiträge

The final patch intended for Warcraft of Draenor, 6. 2. 3 has been readily available since Nov. 17 in the YOU and Nov. 18 in EU regions. Except for Valor and item upgrades, this update also funds two new mounts such as Infinite Timereaver and Grove Warden. Check out on Safewow to see where to gain these new mounts and different mounts available or are going to be available in Warcraft.

It is a long-awaited install since Blizzard Lead Systems Designer, Ghostcrawler promised players a moose mount, now the promise is actually finally fulfilled and we can get the Grove Warden inside Patch 6. 2. 3. Basically, it is a limited time reward in the item Remnant of Wow Gold Sales Chaos that could drop the Heroic/Mythic Archimonde. To get the pay back, you must kill your Archimonde boss it dropped and complete the next short quest chain. When you get it, two travel modes is going to be granted: Ground and Flying that based on your Riding skill. To ride it, you need to possibly be Level 20 and newbie Riding fifacoinsplayergame.

Just like Grove Warden, the Infinite Timereaver is usually a new added bracket in wow patch 6. 2. 3. And it has furthermore two travel mode, including Ground and Hurtling. Joining in any in the Timewalking events, if you are sufficiently fortunate, you will have a chance to get this armoured mount being a rare drop and almost any Timewalking dungeon boss. This mount requires Level 70 and Artisan Riding.

Introduced since game revise 6. 2. 2, this mount is now available in-game as a reward for pre-purchaser on the Legion Digital Deluxe Release, and will be available if you pre-purchase the hard-copy Collector's Version when Legion launch next year. It has only just one travel mode that awards +60% or +100% speed on ground determined by your riding skill.

This is a new yeti mount which will be related to the Food of Winter Veil throughout 2015, granting +60% or +100% speed on ground. Now the source to help earn it hasn’t guaranteed.

Looking at those cute mount, have you had some favor to get one? If you want to have a new mount, welcometo buy wow most inexpensive gold on safewow, or if you need some available today mounts without grinding, safewow is also offering cheap wow mounts continuously. BTW, don’t miss our 8% lower price promotion for Thanksgiving originating in Nov 20.

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