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mmo4pal the youth scouting system.

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So we need more practical player types - or a minimum of player types that aren’t totally borked. This may need a bigger overhaul than fixing physical development but it’s something that’s completely ruining the youth scouting system.

Before even making a tackle be sure you keep your shape running a centre backs in the pitch or leave holes inside your defence.

So the first thing we have to talk about is the controls and it’s basically the easiest free kick to complete as it involves holding lower the LB button on Xbox 360 or L1 on PlayStation after which the shoot button which may be the circle button on PS3/4 as well as B on Xbox fifa16pointsbergr .

Do not touch the left or right stick whatsoever with this technique as you don’t have to move them as it may completely sabotage your shot. That is all the controls you should utilize for this low drive to occur.

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