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After it's accessible to the bulk.

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Your clans usually takes part when you go to the "events One-off" forum and subscribe there. The rewards for winning the main cups incorperate your own clan logo converted into a motif with the citadels and capes. Also your clan name are going to be included with the plaques in lumby and edgeville. Pop into "clan cup 13" friends chat for those who have any queries. You can sell rs 07 accounts on RS SHOP for getting actual money.

After it's accessible to the bulk. So in this instance, when the last wing of LFR goes up. Accept it track of Blizzard if you think that's too long. Honestly though, what's more annoying? Having to give a spoiler tag to discussions for any month and a half, wherein you possibly can talk freely? Or having the climax of the story forever ruined, stealing the knowledge in many ways you may never reunite, because a number of people are extremely lazy or disrespectful?

I still spoiler tag for stuff that have been out for some time, around the off-chance an interested party who hasn't seen the hem ebook/movie/show yet reads my post. The amount of time it takes me for being courteous and respectful therein manner is really negligible I can not even put a number thereto. 6t9dfje

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