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law of attraction is a teaching that tells people that thoughts manifest themselves physically. For instance Alan Trammell Authentic Jersey , if you think “I will get a new car” for long enough, you will actually get that vehicle. This teaching has been around for eons but it has been popularized using the book “The Secret” and the subsequent film re-enactment.

This law is used by people to get good things to happen for them e.g. promotions, happy marriages Willie Horton Jersey , wealth etc. What this law does not tell people is that the law of attraction will not have positive results if a person has low self-esteem.

This is because a person with low self-esteem does not believe that he deserves anything good. The Law of attraction will only work if positive thoughts are constantly projected into the universe. The negative thoughts projected by the same person will nullify the effects of the positive. The result is not only will the positive thing you were hoping for not come to fruition, but the negative thoughts you projected will happen.

This shows that a low self-esteem does not only keep you from enjoying your life, but it also robs you of all the good things you could be enjoying in your time here on earth. That being said Denny McLain Jersey , there are a few things a person can do for improving self-esteem. They include:

1. Do something you love
Doing something that you are skilled at gives you a sense of accomplishment because you will not have to struggle so much when doing the task. This is one of the most effective ways to counteract self-esteem issues and get the law of attraction to work for you.

2. Help people
This method of improving self-confidence entails making yourself important to other people’s lives. For instance, if you help an old woman carry a heavy bag, she may thank you and this will make you feel important. The end result is the law of attraction working for you.

3. Do not take failure too hard
Failure is one of the major causes of low self-esteem. Building self-esteem depends on ones abilities to forget their failures and capitalize on their successes. Thinking about things that have worked will help you see that you are a winner. This result of this change in mindset is doing things expecting success. Your confidence will grow with every success.

4. Think positive thoughts about yourself
A person with self-esteem issues thinks that they are not worth anything. Improving self-confidence entails telling yourself that you are valuable Lance Parrish Jersey , important, talented, wanted etc. This will result in high self-esteem if done regularly. This will help you get the law of attraction to finally work for you.

5. Improve yourself
Find ways to improve your skills Victor Martinez Jersey , talents, strengths and intellect. This will cause people to notice you and give you the much needed positive affirmations which help in the elimination of low self-esteem. You can either do this by going back to school, constant practice etc.

In a nutshell Miguel Cabrera Jersey , the law of attraction and self-confidence are intertwined. A person should do everything he can to solve all self-esteem issues.

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